Shipping & Payments

Shipping & Payments

From our office to your doorstep.


  • Shipping costs are not listed/included with any advertised pricing. Shipping and/or trucking must be quoted separate if required.

  • Shipping costs are initially estimated according to the expected weight and dimensions of the completed product and their destination. 

  • Express Custom can add shipping costs onto our invoice to consolidate, making it only one transaction for the customer/client. Alternatively, if a customer/client prefers (or has an account with a courier), items can be sent under account, or sent collect in which case payment must be made to the courier on delivery.

  • Occasionally, project completion duration may exceed the duration of a shipping quote expiration date / validity period. In this case, shipping must be re-quoted and the costs adjusted for the customer accordingly. Express Custom is never liable for any change or increased cost to shipping costs.

  • (For everything except truck bodies & equivalent-or-larger sized items) We ship anywhere in Canada and in most cases anywhere on the globe. Choose whether items are delivered to your doorstep, or held for pick-up at a local depot. Great if you may not be home!

  • (For truck bodies) We do not offer any kind of guaranteed-on-arrival shipping for truck bodies, because we have not been able to find a company that offers it. Every freight company we've interacted with throughout history either damages our units, or demands egregious protection (like full 2x6/plywood crating) that our customers historically do not want to pay for. For truck bodies, customers/clients must arrange their own transportation and any provisions/protections/preparations required to facilitate a shipment are the customers cost to inherit on their final invoice.


  • Payment is always due at the time of pick-up or before a product ships out.

  • A 25% or 50% down-payment may be requested for your order by the salesperson to allocate the labor/materials and reserve the project in our queue. Please note down-payments are simply just payments made toward a grand total, and as such, are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • Per order, a customer/client may pay up to and no more than $5,000.00 on a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (we do not accept American Express). The $5,000.00 max-on-credit-card is per-order, not per-transaction. Any balance beyond $5,000.00 (after tax) will require alternative payment method for at least a portion of the balance.

  • If a customer/client absolutely wants to pay by credit card (for travel points, or any other similar reasoning), they have the option to pay an additional 2.5% fee and process the transaction on credit card, subject to Express Custom's management approval. Typically, items valued beyond $5,000.00 being shipped out to a first-time-customer will not be eligible for this scenario.

  • Alternatively accepted payment methods are: E-Transfer, Bank Transfer, Cashier's Cheque (bank draft), Debit, or Cash.