Our Waterjet is for accurate and powerful piercing requirement jobs (Can Pierce Over 4" Of Straight Metal). Our Waterjet is typically running periodically, a few days per week. The waterjet is a reliable tool utilized for producing parts of heavy thickness, artwork, gate inserts, and parts that require premium accuracy. It is more expensive than any other machine in our shops, but the absolute best in finished quality and able to pierce 1/4" / 0.250" and thicker without wear and tear on the machine, while still producing edges smooth enough to run your finger across. For artwork and thicker jobs, the Water-jet is our go-to. For standard parts, the Router Tables can be heard whirring all day long in our shops.

We handle any Steel & Aluminum Water Jet jobs, however, due to the expensive costs of operating & monitoring the machine, we do not handle or process extremely small jobs as the final cost is exorbitant. Please contact us about your water jet job idea today!

Usage: Any Material (Aluminum or Steel). Capable of piercing 6"+ of material and/or multiple sheets stacked on-top of each other (at reduced accuracy)

Minimum Distance Between two Points (paths): 0.031" or greater

Edge Result: Excellent - Smooth

Accuracy/Precision: Extremely High, Typical ~0.01" Accuracy.

File Types for incoming designs:
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Printer Definition File (.pdf)
Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf)

Live-Tracing and other solutions available for hand-drawn ideas or ones brought in from the internet/other sources.