Our Router tables are for those everyday material cut jobs (Typically up to 3/16" / 0.187"). Our tables are running constantly, everyday. Recently, we've expanded one of our tables to a whopping 30' x 6' Cutting Plane to better produce Boat Hulls. The routers are a reliable tool utilized 24/7 for producing our, and customer parts. It is cheaper than the water-jet on average, but a minor step-down in finished quality and unable to pierce 1/4" / 0.250" and thicker without extreme wear and tear on the machine. For artwork and thicker jobs, the Water-jet is our go-to. For standard parts, the Router Tables can be heard whirring all day long in our shops.

Usage: Light Materials (Steel and/or Aluminum)

Minimum distance between two points (paths): 0.195"

Edge Result: Good

Accuracy/Precision: High

File Types for incoming designs:

Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Printer Definition File (.pdf)
Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf)

Live-Tracing and other solutions available for hand-drawn ideas or ones brought in from the internet/other sources.

Minimum width between two paths, or circle diameter: 0.195" . Can be reduced by using smaller bits at increased costs.