Did you know, at full capacity between our companies, we employ over 70 full time staff members?

We are always interested in speaking with potential new hires. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a full time job in the manufacturing industry, we are open-arms. Many of our staff are 100% trained in-house, we are willing to train the right candidates.

  • Typical starting wages are between $20.00-$30.00/hr dependent on experience
  • New hire's qualify for benefits after 90 day employment
  • Since 1992, we've continuously kept year-round work in queue for all of our departments. No layoffs here, a career you can rely on.
  • A family-operated, family-oriented workplace that is compassionate but focused. We know our workers are our greatest asset, it's written right into our policies. We are not militant here, and always endeavor to try to keep all of our staff happy and doing the work they enjoy doing, on a schedule that fits their life. 

Current job openings as of 10/11/2022:

  1. Draftsperson(s) (Solidworks)
  2. Welders (Aluminum)
  3. Finisher-Fabricators
  4. Electricians / Trailer Hands