Arrow and Traffic Director Controller

242.99 C$
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  • Standard controller for all SWS arrows and traffic directors
  • Rugged compact ABS design with front tactile pad and indicator LEDs
  • Internal buzzer for audible secondary feedback
  • Quick disconnect wiring harness
  • Manual Dimming and Cargo Light Control (for equipped products)
  • BatteryCheck using front facing indicator LEDs
  • 10A fused auxiliary output channel

Notes & Features

  • Top is divided into Fill-Rite / Pump Storage on one side & Tool/Hose Storage on the other.
  • Fill-Rite / Pump is NOT INCLUDED, but can be provided at additional cost.
  • Bottom is fuel storage, up to 99G / 450L max.
  • Custom sizes available to meet storage needs. Maximum width per manufacturer as follows:
    Fords = 56"w
    Chevys = 60"w
    Dodge = 60"w
    We can accommodate for wheel wells as well, and cut the box in such a shape that they are not affected.
  • Strategically welded together for optimal performance with enduring strength & appearance.


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