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"Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum, the Rival PALADIN Modular Deck is designed to optimize the look of your single-rear-wheel truck, while providing exceptional functionality and adaptability."

Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum
Balanced, 86in wide. 3" wider per side than Ford & Dodge cabs and 4" wider per side than GMC/Chevy's
Additional width offers more balanced Cab-To-Deck-To-Wheel width approach for Dual Rear-Wheel trucks
Paladin Rear Bumper with two oblique tapers joined by a flat mid section offers attractive styling without compromising practical work space
Shape enhances ability to haul gooseneck trailers & RV's.
While designed primarily for dual-rear-wheel trucks, by adding zero-extension fender flares to the multi-fender platform, and adding 2" wheel spacers, the Paladin can still function as a practical single-rear-wheel deck
Short-bed configurations are set-up nicely with a headache rack or with one of the over-deck cabinets modules (XI,XII, or XIII)
The PALADIN is configured for long-bed trucks when bolted to a 32in extender or one of the various standing cabinet modules (I. II, III, ZI, ZII, TI, TII, TIII, PI, PI, HI, HII, EI or EII)
When assembled, the PALADIN deck is 76in long with the narrow MID-MODULE. However, by adding 14, 16 or 18in deck extender, the PALADIN is now perfect to fit a Dodge, Ford or Chevy Short Bed, respectively
The PALADIN also can be built with a wide MID-MODULE and extending one of the standing cabinet modules to fit 60in C/A Chassis-cabs
When mated to the "V" cabinets modules, or one of the other standing cabinet modules with a deck extender, the PALADIN deck is suited for an 84in C/A Chassis-cab
When mounted on the crane sub-frame, the PALADIN deck can be spaced back from one of the Picker cabinet modules (PI, PII, HI, or HII) to allow for a crane to be mounted in the gap as an oilfield service deck
Adaptable Platform that is ideal for Pipeline Welding & RV Hauling
Compatible with all four fender styles, optimized for the OCTAGONAL . Fits the PICKER , APEX , & CONCAVE ROUND fender styles aswell
Comes with CRADLE Sub-frame for easy install
Standard finish is bare aluminum with sandtex black powder-coat trim
Optional finishes include Paint, Powder coat or chip guard
Cabinet options include: I, II, III, VII, VIII, ZI, ZII, EI, EII, PI, PII, PZI, PZII, XI,
Headache rack options also available
LED Cabinet interior lighting
Exclusive Rival LED Tail-Lights (Our signature tail assembly, available ONLY on Rival decks & not sold individually)
Can be shipped-out across Canada, or installed locally at our shop in Parksville, British Columbia.

Paladin I Image

Paladin I
Modular Service/Welding Deck

Paladin II Image

Paladin II
Modular Service/Welding Deck

Paladin III Image

Paladin III
Modular Service/Welding deck

Paladin XI Image

Paladin XI
Cross-Over Style Service/Welding deck

Paladin XII Image

Paladin XII
Cross-Over Style Service/Welding Deck

Paladin XIII Image

Paladin XIII
Cross-Over Style Service/Welding Deck

Paladin Image

Modular Flat Bed