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RivalTruck Welding & Service Decks

Whether you are a rig welder, pipefitter, heavy-duty mechanic, or a retiree ready to RV, we have a deck solution for you!
At Rival Truck, we solve the problem of, "How do I get a great looking truck deck that meets my needs today and is adaptable in the future?" and "How soon can I get and how do I buy it affordably"?
Our answer is: Buy a Rival Truck deck. We'll help you pick out and configure the ultimate deck tailored to your needs and budget. We'll even produce that ultimate deck for you quickly, and your wallet won't be gouged for it.


All cabinet modules manufactured are made from marine grade 5052 H32 Mill plate. The cabinet bodies are formed from 1/8in thick sheet , while the cargo bay is formed from 3/16in thick sheet. Cabinet doors are double skinned (1/8in outer skin and .100in inner skin). Since the cabinet doors are double skinned, they are extremely rigid. They are assembled with a combination of stainless steel fasteners, aluminum fasteners and TIG-welding. The cabinet doors swing on surface mount hinges and are latched with whale-tail locking "T" handles. They are propped open with gas struts. The doors are sealed with hollow type, neoprene gaskets which self-adhere in an integrally- groove-formed flange. The standard finish of the hinges and latches is satin black.
The Cargo bay door swings up with gas struts and is "L" shaped to allow for a lower bottom sill which improves the ergonomics while leaning over. Adjustable Shelves are designed like trays which are bolted to vertical "T" slot extrusion, thereby giving the user optimal adaptability for consumable, tool and equipment storage. The shelves are formed from 3/16in Mill Plate, with short lips to optimize storage for welding rod cans/boxes. Adjustable drawers are mounted on HD aluminum ball bearing sliders which are in turn bolted to a Drawer Slide mounting extrusion, thereby giving the user optimal adaptability for small tool storage. Each drawer comes complete with a locking canopy style handle and wedge-shaped spring latches.
Each Cabinet is illuminated by self-adhesive Led Strip lighting which is switched by a mechanical door pin switch with the exception of the cargo bay (which uses an HD toggle switch).

Full height cabinets are fitted with an inverted hood scoop on the underside of the floor pan which acts as a venturi to draw out moisture from within the cabinet. Rain gutters are positioned above each cabinet door to deflect water from flooding into the door seal gutter.

All RIVAL TRUCK Modular decks are installed on carbon steel CRADLE sub-frames which are designed to bolt-down to the chassis first, and the easily allow the deck to bolt down with single access adjustment. The CRADLE sub-frames are designed to be the backbone to mounted additional features like hitches and cranes.

Rear Deck Modules
New since 2014, the entire line-up if RIVAL Truck Modular Decks have a new rear deck module. When you purchase our new models, you now are getting two decks in one. With a removable deck spacer, the last 32in of deck can be 5in lower to offer an improved working height to the average worker. Other benefits to that new rear module include:
• Bolt-in rear under-deck boxes (see options list for pricing)
• Replace-able rear module (in the case of a impact damage through MVI)
• Extendable-Length with extension module
• Improved access for OEM rear fuel tank and sending unit.
• Optional corner-mounted crane sub-frame (see options list for pricing)

All RIVAL TRUCK Modular Aluminum Decks are designed to fit a variety of applications
Portable Rig Welding and fabrication
Boiler Making
Service and Utilities (Plumbers, Electricians, Boilermakers, welders, mechanics, logistics, hauling, etc)
Oilfield Service and Hotshot
RV Toy Hauling
Equipment Hauling & Transport
Crane Picking

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