Using 1/8" and 3/16" Lexan sheets we're ready to create a viable solution for your workplace to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Whether it be for a busy retail storefront, an office setting, or even inside of a vehicle, we've got you covered. We can arrange to have one of our staff members meet with you on site to discuss details and pricing. We will overcome installation complexities utilizing our expertise in aluminum fabrication and provide a long lasting solution for your environment. 

Not familiar with us? We have been custom fabricating metal out of Parksville, B.C. since 1992. We have previous experience in lexan fabrication particularly building prisoner transportation units for the B.C. Sheriffs (Learn more here). At full capacity, we employ 75 full time staff and are ready to provide custom solutions for many different applications.

Contact us locally at 250-248-2218 or Toll-Free at 1-800-688-6840. Or, e-mail us at with details about your next project!


Q1. Are they WorksafeBC approved or certified? 
A1. When WorksafeBC was consulted, they stressed that we contact the BC Ministry of Health for social distancing and engineering solutions. Workers are required to follow procedures as guided be BC health. In recent correspondence with BC Health, Express Custom Mfg. has been encouraged to proceed these engineering solutions within vehicles and restaurants and to work employers for both Genres. The letter was the offices of Dr. Henry and Hon. Min. Dix's offices. 

Q2. (FOR STOREFRONT PARTITIONS) How are they mounted
A2. The partitions are secured into place using double sided automotive adhesive tape. For tall panels, or in windy environments, we can add bracers and mounts to prevent tipping.

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    We make it our mission to keep our prices as low as we can. When estimating custom jobs, we will provide a low and high end expectation and do our best to stay in the low. We manufacture as much standardized components as possible to keep...

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    By producing as many standard, production run components and modules as possible, we can assemble products on demand and they are deliverable within short timelines. We keep an inventory of our hot sellers for immediate sale. We can ship our products...

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    Modular components allow customers to choose a truck deck that will fit his/her truck and then later be quickly and affordably modified to fit a different truck. Truck decks and Canopy-Skids are installed with universal/adaptor sub-frames for easy and quick...

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    Express Custom and Rival™ products not only meet our customer’s needs with proven track records – they also look good! We produce products that our customers are proud to own. Our products are often the flagship of company fleets. Our Products include standardized packages...

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    Longevity is the key. We build our trailers/decks/apparatus to last well beyond the original purpose/installation. Truck decks are frequently installed on a second, and even third chassis. Our truck decks outlast the Energizer Bunny...

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    Aluminum is Lighter than its counterparts and therefore improves vehicle economics and reduces emissions. Aluminum melts (welds) at a lower temperature than Steel and therefore requires less manufacturing power...